Take Your Power Back


The Take Your Power Back show will take the audience on a journey of overcoming trauma, building resilience, and inspiring hope through the art of music, storytelling, and dance

The full production show features the multi-award-winning Rob Tardik band, special musical guests, and keynote speaker, Kimberley Black. Kimberley shares the miraculous story of surviving a violent attack, aggravated sexual assault, and traumatic brain injury amid the pandemic and of the beauty of humanity in times of crisis.

The intimate version of the Take Your Power Back show features storytelling by Kimberley Black set to Rob Tardik's original music.

Through illustrations of the community support and love received, audience members will be inspired with ideas of how they can help others, and themselves, to take their power back. 

The Healing Power of Music

The audience will discover the healing power of music and experience Rob Tardik's newest songs including, B Positive, named after Kimberley's blood type and in tribute to her positive spirit, along with the songs Resilience, Vulnerable, and Elevation found on Rob Tardik's latest album, Diversity Volume 4.

The audience will be inspired by the music of the live band and vocalist as they share the emotion of the search and rescue with Return to You, Once In A Lifetime, and When It Comes To Loving You; the healing power of dance with Hope and KimBachata; the healing power of social support with Infinity, Brilla Brillante, Walk It Like You Talk It, and Stop; and the healing power of resilience with Resilience, La Buena Vida, and Let's Get Together.

Full Production & Intimate Shows Available

Full Production Teaser

Recorded Live at Flato Markham Theatre


Recorded Live at Flato Markham Theatre


"Last night, I saw one of the most beautiful stories of human resilience...Kim told her story [...] with vulnerability and empathy...showing other women they are not alone....  Rebirth and regeneration is the power of women...when everything has burned down to the ground we often gather the ashes and plant a new seed in the soil... Kim has an inherent gift of positivity and used this to generate a vision of hope for others who in many cases suffer alone in silence. The show was captivating and made everyone's heart full with joy and hope."  - F.Mc. (St. Francis Centre)

"[We] really liked the show. It was so well done. The music the dancers and you! Wow! The opening with the flashlights made my heart stop. You guys took a such an extremely difficult subject matter and took people on a journey of empowerment. Both you and Rob have given such a gift. I'm going to tell everyone about this." - E.T. (St. Francis Centre)

"Built from the ashes of unimaginable trauma, this show is uplifting, inspiring, and confirmation that a fighting spirit combined with genuine love is capable of achieving anything. It was honest, touching, heartbreaking, and celebratory all at the same time. Bravo!" - B.B. (Flato Markham Theatre)

"It was an amazing experience, you were both very moving and spoke to the hearts of ALL." - K.G. (Flato Markham Theatre)

"What a wonderfully thought provoking and entertaining program ... between the message, the music and the dancers it was an incredibly well-balanced show." - V.K. (Flato Markham Theatre)