Kimberley Black

Kimberley Black is a college educator, bibliotherapy facilitator, and public speaker. Her presentations promote her #bpositive message and the healing power of expressive therapy and social support.

Kimberley completed a Master of Arts degree in education through Ontario Tech University and was nominated for the Outstanding Master's Thesis Award in 2021 for her research on asynchronous video interviews. She is now using her research skills to explore the impact of using expressive writing to cope with social pain and trauma.

Aligned with her research, Kimberley is writing a memoir to document her lived experience as a victim of aggravated sexual assault, traumatic brain injury, fraud, and religious shunning. Desiring to add levity to her keynotes and writing, she is also a student of Second City comedy writing and storytelling courses.

Rob Tardik

Rob Tardik is a Top 10 U.S. Billboard charting performing artist, music educator, and entrepreneur. He is also an advocate for promoting an end to gender-based vilence along with his wife, Kimberley Black. The duo has integrated their advocacy with Rob's music resulting in an uplifting audience experience - the Take Your Power Back show.

Over the last two decades, Rob has established himself as a guitarist and recording artist performing the music genres of contemporary pop, Latin, jazz, and world instrumental music. He has received multiple awards both locally and south of the border. 

Rob is an active music educator on faculty at several music schools in the Toronto area including Centennial College, Merriam School of Music, and Long & McQuade and is a presenting artist for Godin Guitars and D'Addario Canada.

What is #bpositive?

#bpositive is an advocacy campaign created by partners Kimberley Black and Rob Tardik.

What started as the simple discovery of Kimberley's blood type during a time of trauma, #bpositive became words to live by and the theme behind her message of resilience.